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The club membership is free. Therefore there are no annual member fees. Because the club has running cost it will offer its services at prices that cover the cost price. Club members pay only for services they actually use. The club will try to settle the prices that way that the more persons share a common service the less a single person has to pay. This means the club shares the group advantage between its members.

Some services (for example walking tours in the mountains) are provided by other club members who are no employees of the club. Please do not forget to give this service providers an appropriate tip, but only if you are satisfied by the offered service.

Please click on one of the below listed membership applications in PDF-format for look up or down loading.

UK Application for club membership
Norway Søknad om medlemskap i foreningen


  If unable to open, please down load left the free Adobe Reader from Adobe.

Please send the filled out and signed membership application per letter, facsimile, or mail to the address given on page contact. Or just give it to the club office. For the membership a single registration fee will be collected.

You can put the Application also online: Application online